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You are getting to know the most complete and modern early stimulation educational space in the country.

It accompanies the growth between 3 and 24 months in an environment carefully prepared to meet all the development needs of this stage.

BBSIM has a team of highly qualified professionals giving each child the possibility of living experiences that favor their independence and autonomy.

  • Together with your children in real time

    We have 5 different rooms, through which children move as they acquire certain skills and abilities, providing freedom of movement and materials according to the evolutionary process in which they find themselves.

    Families have the possibility to access remote viewing cameras. The opportunities offered by the environment focus on developing movement, language and independence within a social context.

    The proposal is enriched with an outdoor space that from the early stages combines the child with nature.

  • Exploration

    We provide an environment that promotes the child's independence in exploration. Our little ones know and develop thanks to the experiences they get moving in the environment. Manipulating, shaking, hitting, listening to sounds, are activities that make up his world of experiences.

  • Stimulation and development

    We present a series of carefully prepared and organized activities that allow the child to have initiatives for action, to choose freely and thus cultivate their natural desire to learn.

    The classroom space integrates and extends to the outer space, providing even more enriching experiences, which develop the child's natural curiosity, sense of observation and language development.

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