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Kindergarten (Casa dei Bambini)

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Welcome to Maria Montessori's world-famous space! In our "Casa dei Bambini" we accompany the growth of our children between 2 and 5 years old.

Spacious, bright rooms surrounded by a privileged natural park guide the pedagogical proposal of the sector.

Model center of the Montessori philosophy for more than 90 years, attends to the psycho-emotional aspects of the child fundamental in this stage: self-esteem, autonomy and respect for himself and others.

The prepared environment - one of the fundamental principles of the Montessori method - becomes a facilitator of self-development by the hand of teachers and technicians trained constantly and committed to their vocation to teach.

"The child, guided by an inner teacher, works tirelessly with joy to build man. We educators, we can only help..."

 María Montessori

  • From philosophy to method

    One of the great strengths of Montessori material is that everything has a definite purpose.

    Children learn with joy, investigating through didactic resources that arouse their interest and encourage their curiosity: they learn, memorize by fixing ideas and concepts naturally.

    This material accompanies all the processes in "Casa dei Bambini" and gives them the opportunity to build their own learning.

    Based on this principle as the backbone of the methodology, each child follows their own interests, freely chooses their activities, develops their ability to concentrate and generates bonds by sharing with their peers the joy of learning.

     Thus, naturally languages come to the classroom. The children assimilate the linguistic codes of Italian and English in the same way that they incorporated their mother tongue.

     Welcome to Casa dei Bambini: here your children will grow up happy.

  • Body Experience

     It is proven that, in the first years of life, children acquire fundamental skills for their formation as people. For this we have spaces for stimulation, coordination and balance in which practice and discovery are present.

    Within the school hours, psychomotricity, physical education, dance and music classes are developed, and ballet classes can also be chosen.

    Learning while enjoying and generating links, that is our premise.

    Maria Montessori

  • English at the Scuola? Of course!

    The ability to understand and communicate in more than one language is essential in the first years of life.

    Taking into account that the environment conditions the learning of the child, early immersion in a second and third language determines a learning of English and Italian that makes the same journey as when learning their mother tongue.

    This is the time to bring him closer to a multicultural environment so that he acquires the communicative tools that will be perfected as he grows.

  • Benvenuto Italiano!

     Learning Italian at La Scuola is much more than acquiring a language. It represents our institutional flag and the homeland of a large part of the immigrants in our country.

    Italy means art, music, fashion, gastronomy and traditions being the country with the largest number of places declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in the world.

    Learning Italian will allow you to close the academic circle at the Scuola by achieving an international IB (Maturità) in that language.

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